14 September, 2011

Bheemeshwari with DA 16-45mm f4 ED :-)

When ever I start writing about my photography, I got used to refer the equipment. I got used to it.

Last Saturday was a bit stressful because I went out to a place called Bheemeshwari with my colleagues. Its around 100KMs from Bangalore. The plan was to start from the last pick up point (my place) at 6:30 so that we reach the place by 9:30 and start on our pre-approved agenda of trekking and water games.

If you plan something with techies and it happens as planned then there must be something wrong ;-)

As nothing went wrong with our plan, we started 2 hours late from my place. BTW, I learnt to half-sleep in a bus stop with my photographic equipment in my hands. Thats a good learning. So by the time we reached the place it was 11:30. I have to agree that the route was so beautiful with may beautiful valleys.

We are welcomed with a drink, a wild lemon juice and we decided on the program - trekking first. It was a one hour trek to the to of the hill with beautiful view onto the river and the valleys. So I started with my K-x hooked with Pentax 16-45mm f/4.0 SMC PDA ED AL lens. I was expecting to capture landscapes and little did I know that I end up taking lot of portraits, for which the lens is not so suited. By the time we came back to the cottage, there were 130 photos and most of them were portraits. ;-)

After some water sports I came back with body pains and around 200 pics. One thing I learnt about this lens after the trip is - this is an excellent lens for landscapes and not really that good for portraits. Not because this is not sharp, but because the details are less as the subject distance becomes more. But it maintains a tremendous depth of field even at apertures bigger than f8. Of course this is not at all an issue...