07 March, 2011

Declaration of Freedom!

It's almost 8 years since I desired to shoot photos like a pro. But somehow due to my new found mundane job and the new lifeless life in the polluted city, I forgot about my deepest desire. But when I went to Stuttgart, Germany in 2009, I had plenty of chances to see many beautiful places in Europe.

That's a nice chance, isn't it? But my primary intention was to take photos in the famous locations of Europe and showcase before my friends circle. A nice idea, but how? I don't have a camera. So what? I can afford one now. But my colleagues, who happened to own their own cameras earlier, bombarded me with various questions - how many MP? How much zoom? With or without Video? Why not a DSLR?

After some days of heated discussions and reading some camera reviews on DPReview.com, I decided to handhold the camera before I was going to buy one. So on a nice weekend, with a day pass and two of my other friends I headed towards MediaMarkt in Stuttgart.

"My goodness, there are some discounts on the cameras", I exclaimed when I saw discount boards in red color. After fiddling with some cameras with discount I decided to know more about Fujifilm Finepix S8100fd
model with 10MP and a whopping 18X optical zoom. My God, I can get as close to my subjects as I want ;-)
 .......after some days of deep study on the camera......

"Ok. To hell with the reviews. I like the camera and I buy it today", I took a firm decision. I went to the shop and bought it. Now I am fully excited to take some photos with it.

I will share my experiences with the camera in a next post. For now see some photos I took with it. I love this camera man!

PIN: You can buy this good camera here - Fujifilm Finepix S8100fd 10MP and 18x Optical Zoom Camera

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