19 February, 2012

2012 Resolution on Photography

20 months over since I bought my first DSLR, Pentax K-x. I bought some good lenses and some bad ones too in this time. I am curious to know how many photos did I shoot. Ok lets chek it on www.myshuttercount.com

This website is designed to help photographers check their current shutter count; how many times the shutter was opened and closed, an exposure. For any camera there will be some initial shutter count, means the QA team of the camera company tests the camera for all functions which include the shooting modes too. When you buy the camera from the shop, just shoot a JPEG image (RAW works too but file size will be bigger) and upload to www.myshuttercount.com. The shutter count for the first photo you take should be anywhere b/n 100-1000. If the initial shutter count is too less like 10 or 20 then you should panic that the camera is not tested fully.

Ok.I shot a direct JPEG and uploaded to the website. There it goes...the shutter count is 8453. Vow...thats a very good number. I shot around 8.5k images in 20 months! What an achievement. But wait! What did I achieve except happiness? Did I win any contest? Did I sell any photographs? Did I sell prints?

No! Not even one. So I decided.

In 2012 I will participate in all photographic contests I ever come to know. Winning is not the goal but improving my skill.


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