02 March, 2011

Love at First CLICK!

I still remember that day, exactly 10 years before, in 2001 hot summer in Tirupati, AP, India. I was going with my friend to see a professor of him, who returned recently from a trip to England where his son works. I thought of asking him if he would help me get some books from UK.  

But I got a bigger surprise that day!

When we entered his house premises, his wife, in her mid 50s invited us inside. It seems my friend is so familiar with his professor's family. When we sat down on the sofas, we heard that the professor was busy in almost a dark room.

"What the hell is he doing in that darkness?", I asked my self.

"He is making some photo prints. He had taken so many photos in UK zoos and some nature locations", told the professor's wife, giving us some tea to spend the time.

My friend seems not to care about that but it triggered an interest in me. Ever since my childhood I was curious about these gadgets called cameras that take pictures. I never fiddled with one but was very curious about them. So I thought may be I can see some of his equipment.

While I was in my imagination, the professor came out with a big grin on his face, with a feeling of joy. It was not certainly for seeing my friend though.

"Young men, you are so lucky today. You are the first to see my wildlife pictures taken in London. If you have a photographer's eye you will be amazed."

Surely I was mesmerized. I didn't know if I have that photographer's eye, but I was able to feel the deepest desire in me, to take similar photos. Those photos of close encounters with wild cats, beautiful birds and pleasant scenery made a sweet and compelling effect on me. I started longing to have a camera and capture the beautiful nature.

Yes, that was my Love at First CLICK with Photography story!

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