18 July, 2011

One Day at Lalbagh

"It's raining a bit and also not so bright. We won't get good photos", I told my friend who proposed to go to Lalbagh with his new Canon EOS 60D which he bought by a rush of inspiration after using my Pentax k-x for a while, 2 months ago.

"No, there won't be more people and we can shoot flowers with fresh water droplets still on them", he responded to me. It made sense to me and so I started to go there with my K-x and my latest acquisition SMC P FA 100-300mm f4.7-5.6 lens. In my earlier post about birds I explained how much I love this lens for it's cost to performance ratio.

As soon as I entered Lalbagh, I realized that not even a hailstorm can stop young college couples to occupy every possible hideout in the park. On the other side, being a Sunday, large families gathered under trees and enjoying their food.

I and my friend decided that we take a round trip of the park not to miss any photographic opportunity. So we started at the Glass House. As soon as we started clicking one guy shyly approached us and started asking, "how much one photo". Being distracted from my subject, which was a flower, I didn't it at first. Then I came to senses and told him we are not photographers. Obviously our gear made people think that we are photographers in the park who take the visitor's photos for money. I was amused to see people swarming a guy with a Canon EOS 5D asking for photos.

Well, it was not so interesting to do photography in Lalbagh. Every corner, hideout will be occupied by young couples. So I restrained myself in venturing to the hideouts even though they provide photographic opportunities.

Finally I was able to take 68 photos, the least number I ever took since I bought DSLR. But it turned out to be fruitful that I got some keepers among them. Below are the best of the tour.

General Exif Data: All photos are shot at ISO 400, f8 - f11 and in RAW. Raw files are processed in Lightroom 3 and some of the pics are cropped. 

Finally I may not go to Lalbagh again except flower show, just because the place doesn't seem right to me and partly not to panic the young couples with my camera and big lens :-)