2012 Photography Contests Info


In this page, I would like to share information regarding Photography Contests all over the world in the year 2012

National Wildlife FederationEach year National Wildlife Federation (NWF) runs this contest.  The best of photographs wins rewards every year. NWF is renowned for this competition that not even National Geographic could conduct such a successful event.
Begin Date: 14-Feb-2012
End Date: 16-Jul-2012

Entering The Contest

Enter your photos online at www.nwf.org/photocontest. We are looking for striking color and black and white images of nature — on land, in the air and underwater — from anywhere in the world.

Entry Levels

General — Photographers age 18 or older.
Youth — Photographers ages 13 - 17. When registering online, Youth level entrants must read and accept Youth Agreement and have their parent or legal guardian also agree by checking the appropriate boxes on the Youth Agreement page.


  • Baby animals — portraits and behavior of young animals of any species
  • Backyard Habitat — wild creatures, native plants and natural settings in your yard
  • Birds — portraits and behavior
  • Connecting People and Nature — people enjoying the outdoors
  • Landscapes and Plant Life — scenic views and native plants in wild settings
  • Mammals — portraits and behavior
  • Other Wildlife — portraits and behavior (includes underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and more)
Join The Contest Here --> NWF Photo Contest 2012
    SONY World Photography AwardsEach Year SONY corporation sponsors a world wide photography contest through World Photography Organization (WPO). The contest winners will receive attractive cash prizes and also SONY DSLR gear. The SONY World Photography Awards 2013 will begin on 01-Jun-2012. Keep watching that link for an official announcement.