03 March, 2011

First Disappointment :-)

I got a camera for our walking trip to Tirumala temple”,  I felt joyful when these words came out of my friend’s mouth. Not because we are finally making this trip, but because we are getting a camera to shoot the pictures.

I will buy the film roles”, I declared in amusement. My mind was racing in imagination of shooting beautiful scenery, flowers and people alike with the little picture making device.

Finally the day came. I bought two Fuji Velvia roles and loaded one into a Kodak point-and-shoot camera. I didn’t know what I am going to shoot but, I was really excited. I am literally not giving the camera to anyone.

The trip was so entertaining. We made good darshan of Lord Balaji. I shot many photos of flowers, so closely that I wanted to reproduce the Macro shots I had been seeing these years. I was so confident that, among all the photos, the flower shots will be amazing, because I shot them so closely.

After 15 days, my friend came with the prints. I eagerly opened the envelope. Although the portrait photos were good, I was looking for those flower shots. When I saw them I was completely disappointed. My imagination was not painted onto the prints. All the flower photos were out of focus. Colors look so pale.

My imagination fell down. Why wasn’t I able to shoot those pics. I had no answer, only to find it out years later when I started to study photography seriously.

My friends were happy, because their photos are looking so good. I was in disappointment because I didn’t prove I was a good photographer.

Note: Later I found that the camera fixed lens has no close focusing ability. Of course it was not made for macro shots back in 2002.

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